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As a group of Jewish immigrants pass through
the gates of Ellis Island, the land of opportunity
awaits. Streets are paved with gold they've been
told, but soon learn this is not nearly the case. Bold and heartwarming, THE GOLDEN LAND is
a story we all share regardless of creed or religion.
It is the story of all Americans, past, present, and
future chronicled in a musical journey like no other.


THE GOLDEN LAND - 2012/13 Revival
Created by Zalmen Mlotek & Moishe Rosenfeld
Directed by Bryna Wasserman
Choreographed by Deanna Dys THE CAST:
Bob Ader, Cooper Grodin, Stacey Harris, Andrew Keltz,
Daniella Rabbani, and Sandy Rosenberg PLAYED OFF BROADWAY
October 28, 2012 through January 6, 2013


Straight from a critically-acclaimed Off Broadway run, THE GOLDEN LAND
is a musical epic encapsulating the American Immigration experience from
the final decade of the 1800s through the first half of the 20th Century.

From our protagonists first breathless glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, to
the anxiety of facing the Immigration Officer at Ellis Island and the shock of
L anding in the hustle and bustle of New York’s Lower East Side, through
the Roaring Twenties plummeting into the Depression to then rise to call
of WWII and endure the aftermath of the Holocaust and witness the birth of
the Israel, the story, full of tenderness and hardship, unexpected romance
and whimsy is poignantly captured and portrayed in Yiddish songs of the
eras and dramatic scenes in English.

“will leave you twirling in the streets... a love letter to America
and, particularly, New York, for all the opportunities they have
given to immigrants of all faiths.”

-THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 2012

“The show has the sparkle and the oomph of seltzer right from
the nozzle…a new and buoyant musical…a freshness that
turns it into love at first sight.”

-THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 1984


Created by Moishe Rosenfeld and Zalmen Mlotek, THE GOLDEN LAND premiered
in 1984 at the 700 seat Norman Thomas Theater, where it struck a powerful chord
among audiences of all ages. It ran for 5 months, playing to sold out houses. During
this period, it also had a 7-performance sold out run at the 3000 seat Westbury Music Fair.

The next incarnation of THE GOLDEN LAND occurred in 1985 when the authors
collaborated with award winning director and lyricist Jacques Levy to evolve the
musical into one which was much more accessible to the general theater-going
public. The result was a hugely successful production at the American Music
Theater Festival, which moved to the 2nd Avenue Theater on 12th Street, where
it enjoyed a 10-month Off Broadway run closing in May, 1987.

THE GOLDEN LAND had two productions in Canada in the ensuing decades – by
the Winnipeg Jewish Theater, and the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre in Montreal.

Most recently, after playing a wildly successful quarter-year Off Broadway limited engagement
at Baruch Performing Arts Center, which began on October 28 and concluded in January,
THE GOLDEN LAND seeks to continue its journey in captivating audiences across the board
as a recognizable and relatable commodity.